Scientific Expertise

1.         HISTORY 
In 2002, the first phase of the implementation of the bilateral agreements between the European Community and Switzerland in the agricultural and veterinary domain takes place. The same year, a big international group takes over  a company of development of phytopharmaceuticals, food supplements and cosmetics in Geneva. With its own R&D department, it no longer has need of a local firm.In 2003, these R&D specialists create their own organization for the development of cosmetics and food complements, as well as third-party management of production.
In 2005 and 2006, the acceleration of the bilateral agreements between the European Community and Switzerland in the food-processing domain becomes a reality. From this date, the regulations of the Confederacy and of the E.U. are getting tighter, even in the domains of food supplements, cosmetics, biocids and chemicals, although the equivalence is not yet recognized. Strong resemblances,yes, but also differences remain between the 2 statutory systems, leading the company to create an independent unit to support formulation in compliance with the regulatory aspects at the international level: NCC limited company.
In 2009, a quality control manager in the food-processing industry, with 10 years experience in the field of European regulations, joins NCC to develop the regulatory affairs.                        
 2. OUR MISSION: Making your Products leaders in international markets
- Meet the needs of your commercial networks for quality products, based on scientific studies and validated by famous consultants (Contacts At the Geneva University: Science II Bioimaging platform)
- International expertise recognized by the administrations with the status of Expert within the framework of the referencing of food supplements by pharmaceutical distributors and non-pharmaceutical chemist's    networks .
- Solutions to put your international developments (plants, extracts of plants, functional ingredients) in compliance with legal, regulatory and customer requirements.
- Regulatory analysis and compliance of your formulae, labels, claims (cases, notes, catalogs, PLV, web site).
- Announcements / Registration in Switzerland, in Europe and on the international stage through a network of professionals and resident opinion leaders in third-country ministries.
- Establishment of a projected budget
Food Supplements and functional Food
-         Weight control
-         Anti-oxidant, Cardiovascular Health
-         Sports Nutrition
-         Anti-ageing Health
-         Organic Care, Organic certification, without parabens
-         Products of beauty and hygiene
-         Make-up
Others products 
-         Products for the atmosphere (disinfection, perfuming)
-         Products of the house
-         Classic medical Device
-         Sourcing from various suppliers for raw materials and packaging, by taking adavantage of NCC's global negocaition
-          Scientific support and regulatory advice from a company closely linked with competent authorities wich impact directly on this market
-         Customized Relation
-         Access to Swiss and International manufacturers' panel, with the precise scale adapted to the project

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