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Vitafoods 2010,18-20 may 2010, a turning point for .......
14/6/2010 15:23:23 (4521 lectures)

....the whole health food industry

The resistance of the European industry, still amazed by the extreme severity of EFSA’s (1) opinions (2) , was still the order of the day this year, notably with the EHPM’s (3) speech and the organisation by EAS (4) of its forum on the third day of the exhibition. The “derailment” of a whole chain of decision-making, starting from the initial good intentions of the regulation, was largely described and commentated.

In the same time, the food industry is beginning to move, particularly through more and more business development partnerships. Over such a moving ground, not many companies succeed in finding their way alone, facing the constantly evolving scientific and legal pitfalls. As the service providers are bracing for the news challenges facing their clients, some commentators feel that the pharmaceutical model is on the verge of extending its influence on this hitherto mostly food-originating, creative and dynamic SME-made, sector.

But the almost pushy communication of the medicalised products, comparatively to the dismay of the users of traditional ingredients, whose historical legitimacy wasn’t taken in much consideration in generic claims dossiers…
the ramp-up of clinical trials, whose implementation in the food sector was quite new in the 2009 edition…
the fatalism prevailing in the exhibition alleys…
the same alleys deserted by the biodiversity upholders present in 2009 (SIPPO (5) , BIOTRADE initiative (6))…

… All this symptoms shall not let us forget that a diversity of strategies still allows to address the persistent needs of the consumer for food diversity.
And that this event takes place in Geneva, in the heart of a “Europe of food know-how”, largely open to an international market that recognises and respect this “trademark”, attested of by a variety of possible Quality certifications.
A plaee where the SME are still able, with the help of their partners, to spot value-rich niches, and at the same time, benefit from the rigorous, customer-oriented, new legal challenges. This market of functional and nutricosmetical food definitively continues to offer a bunch of short and mid-term opportunities to pick up.

1 European Food Safety Authority
2 1% of positive opinions with regard to « Article 13-5 » claims of the European regulation CE 1924/2006, 1,9 % of positive opinions with regard to the second batch of last february « Article 13-1 » claims
3 European Federation of Associations of Health Products Manufacturers
4 Office of experts based in Brussels, working with trade associations, companies and government bodies
5 Swiss Import Promotion Programme
6 www.unctad.org/biotrade/


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