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Switzerland is reshaping its food rules
28/4/2010 16:15:06 (4576 lectures)

In the food sector as in many others, Switzerland takes benefit of its brand image providing a real competitive advantage (1). As a matter of course, the country is currently looking to enhance its protection, by reserving the exploitation of this brand capital, to the foodstuff whose components have been mostly produced in Switzerland. In the same time, the country is fully committed to preserve and extend its role as an exportation platform of Swiss Quality products and services towards the whole Europe.
Switzerland even manages to conserve some key "particular conditions" in the framework of the free trade agreement with Europe (2), despite of the non-tariff barriers and specific norms removal principle. The same regulation draft (3) intends to deal with the hitherto non equivalent conditions of importation of Food Supplements between Switzerland and Europe. The Food Supplement regulations will then be streamlined into parallel processes, each country still deciding on the mode of enforcement of the simplified notification procedure.
This parallelism also applies concerning the coming into force of the regulation 1924/2006 on nutritional and health claims. Facing the complexity of the transitory measures of the regulation, and given that some lists are still in progress, Switzerland is carefully scheduling its own plan of action (4), taking into account its specificities,
In short, in the food sector as in many others, Switzerland continues to successfully make a difference, stake its claim. The knowledge of all the parameters will be critical to the comprehension of today's whole context.


(1) : report of Federal Council dated 15/11/2006

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